Not too many people know that Kevin is an inventor with six United States Patents granted by the United States Patent Office.  He is an accomplished songwriter and singer who has played and recorded original compositions for many years.  A quick listen will reveals Kevin as a world class guitar player whose roots include a family history of musicians and a dad whose early 60's recordings went top 40.  

Most recently, Kevin released a song he wrote to encourage those who need to leave an abusive relationship.  Despite the dark subject matter, "Find Away" is a song infused with a feeling of hope and encouragement as it chronicles the realization that one's hopes and dreams can be regained even as one decides to leave an abuser.  You can find and download this song from any music distributor such as iTunes or Amazon using the search terms "Kevin McGaha" and "Find Away."  Critics have given the recording and the composition high marks for its energy, musicianship, and originality.  Check out Kevin's other website